Table 2

Comparison of neo-baroque ecology and ecosystem restoration
Wofflin’s attributes of the baroque style Hobbs’ ecosystem attributes to be restored
Supplanting of a linear style, which produces a sense of movement Composition: species present and their relative abundances
A heightened sense of transience through the mixing of light and shadow (chiaroscuro) Structure: vertical arrangement of vegetation and soil components (living and dead)
Monumentality – a love of the grand, the massive, the sublime Pattern: horizontal arrangement of system components
An expressive tendency towards the multiplication of surfaces, contours and folds Heterogeneity: a complex variable made up of components
A preference for movement in place of repose Function: performance of basic ecological processes (energy, water, nutrient transfers)
Dynamics and resilience: successional processes, recover from disturbances

As adapted from Lambert (Lambert 2004); As adapted from Hobbs and Norton (1996).


Sack Ecological Processes 2013 2:35   doi:10.1186/2192-1709-2-35

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