Table 5

Summary of results of simple quasi-Poisson GLMs of number of Quercus kelloggii seedlings recruited (response variable) as a quadratic function of July average maximum temperature measured at two heights (temp. height)
Temp. height Parm poly1 P (poly1) Parm poly 2 P (poly2) Adj R2 Dispers parm
0.05 m 5.431 0.021 -0.070 0.018 0.63 3.90
2 m 2.661 0.359 -0.053 0.313 0.42 7.63

Parm poly1 is the estimated parameter for the linear term of the temperature variable, and parm poly2 is the estimated parameter for the squared term. P() are the probabilities that those terms are not significantly different from zero. Dispers parm is the dispersal parameter of the quasi-Poisson model.

Dingman et al.

Dingman et al. Ecological Processes 2013 2:30   doi:10.1186/2192-1709-2-30

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